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Your Rights Against Troublesome Neighbours

By: Thomas Muller - Updated: 24 May 2020 | comments*Discuss
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Troublesome neighbours can seriously damage the quality of home life, but not only do you have the right to live in peace but the legal rights too.

Neighbour Trouble

Whether it’s head thumping bass of a stereo, persistent shrieks of an over active child or loud footsteps, the chief neighbour nuisance is noise, but neighbours can also make life hell through destructive children, ill-trained dogs, ill-kempt trees and hedges, poor rubbish management and abusive or harassing behaviour.

Whatever the incitement, if the actions of your neighbours are making your life a misery and they are not responsive to polite requests to stop then you need to be aware of what rights are available to you.

The Noise and Environmental Protection Acts

As a particularly common grievance, excessive noise falls under the control of two main pieces of legislation.

The Noise Act 1996 gives the council the powers to order neighbours to cease their noisy exploits immediately. They can also confiscate noise-making devices, such as the TV or stereo, and issue a fine. It is the council’s decision to implement any preventative action and so the grievance should be raised with them for their consideration.

If you can reliably anticipate your neighbour’s noisy pursuits then alternatively you could invite the local authority over to witness the act. If they agree then they can serve an abatement law under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Control of Pollution Act in Scotland).

You are also entitled to take out private action by applying to your local magistrates court. If you are in Scotland then you can take action through a solicitor to the Sheriff's Court.

Environmental Protection Act for Non-Noise

The Environment Protection Act is a far-reaching law that is also a valuable piece of legislation for a host of other non-noise issues where your neighbour poses further threats to environmental well-being.

For instance, it can be used if you live next door to someone who has living habits that could be construed as being a health hazard, such as if they use their garden as a vermin-friendly rubbish heap. In such a situation you should contact your local council’s Environmental Health department.

Housing Act

If your neighbours are engaging in anti-social behaviour that doesn’t fall within the remit of the noise or environmental protection acts then the Housing Act 1996 might prove a valuable ally.

Under this law, you can appeal to the High Court or County Court to grant an injunction to stop neighbours from "engaging or threatening to engage in conduct causing or likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance." This could include neighbour behaviour deemed violent, destructive or disruptive. It also can be used to curb the use of residential premises for illegal or immoral purpose, including as a drug den or brothel.

If your neighbour has trouble keeping their dog’s toilet habits under control then this becomes an issue for the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.

Protection from Harassment Act

Neighbours that target you personally with their behaviour, such as through verbal abuse, dumping litter in your garden, deliberately causing obstruction or any other efforts intended to make your home life a misery, then this then becomes an issue for the Protection from Harassment Act 1977.

It is an offence for an individual to conduct themselves in a way that amounts to harassment of others and, if found guilty, offenders can face up to six months in jail.

Crime and Disorder Act 1998If your neighbour’s bad behaviour, such as drunkenness, violence, damage, intimidation or verbal abuse, is not solely directed at you but affecting the neighbourhood as a whole then your rights to curtail their anti-social activities are supported by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

This act rebuts the notion that a child is incapable of crime. You can appeal to the police for a criminal behaviour order or an injunction under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. If the individual has behaved in a manner "that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress" then they can be restricted from entering a specific geographical area or banned from certain acts.

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My issues are the same as bulldog01. They come out before 9 and scream, whoop, shout, throw balls over repeatedly all day till around 8pm. Today I have found a racket and a stone large enough to injure someone if it hit them, had been thrown 3 metres into my garden. It feels like people are now expected to put up with child noise. The same child threw stones at our car and damaged it. The father used my drive as his own personal access path until I put a fence up.
Rachela - 24-May-20 @ 9:29 PM
I have lived at present address for over 11 years, we have not really had good neighbours, since moving here. We do have one good neighbour, who is polite, makes yummy cakes, and brought up her family with love & care. Sadly this is a rarity now. Our neighbours attached to us, as it's a semi, are constantly banging doors, Not excessively loud, but loud enough to vibrate through the walls,it's becoming a serious issue for me. My daughter, who works from home, during lock down counted the door banging 40 to 50 times in a period of 5 hours, this is no exaggeration, she is alway's honest. They have 2 young girls, & 1 baby. The young girls usually come into the garden early around 9 am, then the noise starts, banging around with balls, screaming, talking loud, banging opening/closing doors.walking in and out of the garden on decking, This can go on for several hours. The parents, seem to have a liberal approach to parenting. We really cannot even go in to the garden, it's not a place to relax. I do not think i am alone here, my other neighbours rarely, sit out in their gardens. I have ordered 10 pairs of ear plugs, and will have to move homethis year,before the 3rd child starts playing in the garden :0(
Bulldog01 - 15-May-20 @ 5:00 PM
I live in the downstairs flat of a converted house over shops. The guy upstairs was lovely and quiet, worked full-time, so do I, never had any problems, he eventually moved out and the neighbors from hell moved in. First, the took the lock off the main door, they then started discarding household waste and scrap out the front. The rubbish would stay there until rats and mice would come and tear the bags. It was 3 guys moved in initially, then 4 and 5, then women and young children. They never shut their flat door, it's always open, they smoke and all the smell goes into my flat, i'm not a smoker so it's very irritating. No one seems to work, there's somebody in the flat 24/7 with that door wide open. Since the lock down, they've had visitors over frequently, the noise is horrendous, I sometimes feel as if I live in a zoo!! They seem to sleep all day because there's not much noise but come 9:30 pm, at night they come alive with activity. They let the children run around and kick a ball indoors, screaming, yelling, and this awful banging on my ceiling. Drilling at 1 AM in the morning, hammering, running up and down the stairs, talking loudly, banging on my door, shouting my name ( Seen my name on my mail) This is during the week at the weekend it's even worse! I have complained to Enviornmental Health about the rubbish and the noise, they have done zilch! I complained to their Landlord, he has done absolutely nothing. I am at my wits end, noise cancellation headphones have been a life-saver but my nerves are shot. The horrible banging, I don't know what it is, sounds like someone is going to come through my ceiling and the impact vibrates through my sofa where i'm sitting, it sends a jolt through my body and it's quite scary. I am scared to approach them as they seem very confrontational. I can't really afford to move right now but looks like I may have to. I thought there were rules about excessive noise after 11:00PM? Don't I have any rights to enjoy my home in peace?
Lauralou - 15-May-20 @ 4:04 PM
I got polish neighbour's loud music & drink & partying, My wife has MS & I have 2 young children. 9 years down the line I can confidentially say, I seriously losing the will to live & we are in our 30's??????
Mo - 9-May-20 @ 4:39 PM
Hi we have vile next door neighbours,my son of 5 years old was diagnosed with cancer 19 months ago an we still have 2 more years left on chemo which he needs everyday, for the past year the neighbour's who have 9 grown adults all living home with there partners have been smoking drugs an it smells my little boys room out that bad that some times he cant play or sleep in his room Normally we would knock an they would stop , leading up to lockdown it started to get more frequent so we contacted there land lord, he came up twice an said the police will be rang the next time we hate complaining but I had had enough, the landlord is there friend so the first weekend of lock down was that bad 2 days we couldnt use his room we called the police an they went round since then out lives have been hell they put vile things on Facebook which we have had screen shooted, they swear at us , when outside even if I'm with my son , give us fingers an my 5 year old boy sees it we have had cameras put up which they dont like an have asked why we have them an tell us to take um down 8 weeks of constant abuse ,us an the older couple the opposite side who has been fighting to get them out for 5 years now , even the mans brother has said there vile an been evicted 3 times already ,I log everything with the police but gives me so much anxiety we have enough to deal with with lockdown an my sons leukaemia just dont know what to do never felt so intimidated an alone as after the police go the abuse gets louder . Any ideas where to turn to next thank you x
Kathryn - 7-May-20 @ 7:45 PM
I have lived at my home address for over 20 years, my husband and I raised 2 children one of which is still at home and in all these years I get on with everyone we keep to our selves but over the years there has been 1 neighbour he's so rude that you can't talk to him as all you receive is abuse over the years his antagonism is directed against me because I am of a different race the way he believes that he is superior to me and can speak to me anyway he thinks fit. He's so full of venom and I can tell you that its a feeling of racism I've been receiving over the years and it is directed at me all the time. I go out of the way to avoid him but he is so confrontational in all these years I've only ever called the police one time and that was today they did not come and I am so warn down by this person I just want to sell up and leave, I am affected by his behaviour that I'm usually close to tears his own children try as best as they can to talk to him to calm him but for me its only a matter of time before he lashes out at me and i just want to go before that happens
Gizmo - 10-Apr-20 @ 11:01 PM
Hi we have a 40 garden my neighbors at the back started playing music years ago we moved in 2014 they had disco party’s in there back garden 3 30 am all days all night we had to listen to them not long after we moved in 7 neighbors from 7 houses went round after they played till3 30 in the morning I had had enough so I went round I was not very nice with my tongue and 4 of them came out to me but I still told them. Then council then someone round the corner phoned police then the counciler he went round all the house 16 houses complained most old people. They played music when I went in garden they stopped for a bit we put a 7 ft fence up they built something at the back of it and look through our bedrooms my grandchildren can’t be in there less the blinds are shut they’ve now put a punch bag up what they punch men and woman look through our windows day and night .these are peopl who have there own hairdressers and builders.they have grown children it’s mostly the woman.we put a trellis in the middle of the garden7 ft but it still has ent stopped them.
Rosey - 28-Mar-20 @ 8:21 AM
My 6 year old grandson has autism & a.d h.d.because of safety issues she has put a higher fence round the garden so he cant escape. The 70 year old neighbours are kicking it, shoving it n trying to damage it. What can she do? She is at her wits end. They are even talking to my grandson like dirt & keep telling him to shut up.
Poppy - 11-Oct-19 @ 8:37 PM
I have neighbours who pay their music very loudly through an amazon echo. I can hear every word it says, every song it plays... I have asked them to turn it down on numerous occasions... First time i got 'its one of those echo things, they are loud'. The latest is they are claiming their daughter is autistic, so needs it loud. None of the other neighbours are aware that she is....i have also been told by them she is entitled to play it loud... I thought i was entitled to peaceful enjoyment of my property 24/7? I have started sitting in my car to get away from it, when i have a perfectly good house I could be relaxing in. I feel extremely depressed and cry about this daily. They don't even answer the door if i knock anymore. I don't know what to do, as i own my house and know any neighbour disputes have to be declared when you sell.
Distressed - 15-Sep-19 @ 6:35 PM
I have a neighbour from hell. She screams at the top of her voice all hours of the day and night. She has assaulted me, pulled a knife on 2 of my other neighbours. Constantly harassing a Man and his Wife across the road. Threatened to stab her. Last week she was harbouring a fugitive and the armed Police came to arrest him. He had stabbed someone in a pub just a few days before they arrested him. She constantly slams windows and doors. The Police have been informed as have the Council. They have sectioned her twice for a month at a time and then she comes back kicking off again!
Dazzer - 9-Sep-19 @ 6:26 AM
Just had an unfortunate encounter with a neighbour who refused to leave my doorstep when asked. She said we can't tell her to leave because it's social housing. I used to study law and as far as I remember this is nonsense. Can anyone confirm this?
Pip - 5-Aug-19 @ 8:18 PM
It is almost unbelievable that our 95yr old neighbour is tormenting our West Highland terrier and small border collie, so that she can get them to back at her, to enable her to video them barking on her iPhone.I told my husband 2 weeks ago that she was tormenting them, but he was sitting on the back door step yesterday, she couldn't see him and when I let the dogs out she quietly coughed, so the collie would look up and see her looming in the doorway. My husband was gobsmacked when 4hrs later he was sitting out and she coughed again at the collie (who was abused as a puppy and is very nervous) he turned around and she was standing in her doorway recording the two dogs with her iPhone, the Westie has been here for 3 and a half years and the collie for 11 months and I don't know why she is doing this now!The dogs were fussing at a noise a couple of nights ago and I let them out, they briefly barked at someone lurking at the bottom of her garden,I brought them indoors immediately - her retired son complained to my husband about them barking at 1am, so if there's anyone lurking about I'll just leave them to it and won't intervene again!!
megamum - 26-Jul-19 @ 7:10 PM
After a ongoing dispute which has till now been verbal with council tenant in next stair.His wife and himself have got younger neighbour from 2 houses either side of me to be abusive.I involved the police who saidwould be more trouble for me and to record everything.Great . I have long term health issues mainly physical but also anxiety and depression and depend on the small garden .I have stood my ground as it is a much longer story but so sad trying to get help.They are both council tenant and I worriedly have a very dodgy landlord.
Ronnie - 16-Jul-19 @ 7:01 PM
I would like some help and advise. I am 72 and lived happily in my quiet detached house for 26 years. The last year or so the next door neighbours, got a loud barking dashund, and slam shut their external doors, shaking through my house, up to 20 times a day, all starting very early waking me until dusk day in day out. I've written them notes, the council have been involved, also the police, but nothing. It's all getting louder and louder, I think it's their daughter getting revenge on me complaining, no one believes me how bad it is, my retirement ruined living in this torture chamber, earplugs 24/7, no music, no tv. Would it be alright for me to get cctv installed, so that the police and council will see for themselves how they behave.
Sharon - 7-Jul-19 @ 1:03 AM
Hi, I have trouble with neighbours they caused lots of issues with me for quite a long time. One neighbour who is above me is always banging about, very loud on their feet, slamming doors and have music very loud where you can hear it from our kitchen to front communal hallway. Two other neighbours who are from the opposite side of flats, one of these neighbours is very loud and when try talk to her you can't get a word in if we did its always abuse, potential act of violence and hate crime of transphobia against me, she has parties and last till after 2am in morning which keeps us up and also music on full blast with back door open from 8am before that you can hear her shouting like a banshee. For neighbours above her whom she's friends with are not nice either very transphobic and stalked me once in a store blaming me for something I haven't done even though they say they have independent witness of me doing so. I have reported to Police numerous incidents including informing letting agents. Did however try to resolve myself but didn't work as recently Letting Agents had a neighbour with crocodile tears called police which we all spoke to and officer heard their (neighbours) versions of events then came to us telling their events some which were not true then we (myself and mum) told police officer our version of events but dont think he was listening, he told us like he told neighbours that this has to end now completely if happens again i take down station be charged with anti social behaviour and harrassment but i told officer before he left to tell neighbours to leave us alone and we leave them alone but they need to stop hate crime, anti social & harrassment inflicted on me by them if don't stop take them to station be charged with hate crime of transphobia, potential act of violence with verbal abuse, anti social behaviour and harrassment. Everything now has got out of hand it has made my mental state worse as besides having Depression, Anxiety, learning disabilities and on the Autistic Spectrum now have bipolar, PTSD, intrusive & suicidal thoughts and lack of sleep but be having help with NHS Counsellor soon due to all this. I wish letting agents helped us with issues in first place instead of telling us can't get involved then this situation got worse which it has.
dragonemo88 - 16-Jun-19 @ 6:33 PM
Hi. Please help me. I have had an ongoing issue with my neighbour for a year. He is known to mental health teams and seems protected in every way possible. His constant slamming of doors and banging all hours of the night, waking myself and partner up. We have lost countless jobs because we don't sleep. We have now been diagnosed with anxiety and depression due to the issues. The financial impact this is had on us is unreal,we are close to loosing everything. We reported it to the housing association who decided that it was anti social behaviour at 2,3,4,5 o'clock in the morning and it was just a difference in lifestyle. Nobody is taking us seriously and we cannot cope. We need help before we loose what little we have left. Any advice or help would be so appreciated.
GG - 10-Jun-19 @ 11:13 AM
Hi. I hope you can help. I've been singled out and harassed by my neighbour for 10years now. They keep calling the police on me stating I'm damaging their fence. The police come and they find out I've just been digging innocently in my flower beds, or he repeatedly calls social services stating I leave my 9year old alone in the house, wich is totally untrue. I have at least one visit by police a week because he states I've done something criminal and never have they found anything to suggest this. I'm totally at my wits end he has deliberately placed his gutter pipe into my garden under his fence so it floods my garden. He just never ever leaves me alone. Please help me find a way of stopping his endless harassment.
Lamb - 4-Jun-19 @ 10:11 PM
Hi, I’m a 17 year old student and when I was 15 my next door neighbour was issued with harassment for harassing me. She would spread rumours about me witch would get the attention of police and the school and would get her friends to shout nasty things about me outside my house. After a lot of police involvement in had died down with me but then she found her new target which was my ill mother, she constantly spreads rumours and gets her mum and dad to tell these things to my nan and aunts... She told people that my mum was faking it and she wasn’t really ill and while my mum was in hospital she would tell people that she could finally live her life and all that crap while my mum was literally on her death bed... My mum is now having a slow recovery but still isn’t 100%. It has been quiet for a while but recently my neighbour is going up to my close friends and telling them to tell me stuff about things that i’mallegedlydoing and I don’t know what to do. Who can I tell ? What are my rights ? Can someone help ?
Becky - 18-May-19 @ 11:37 AM
My upstairs neighbour is known to mental health services... and seems to be protected by the law more than me and has flooded my flat twice in 2 days my home is in a terrible state.. all light fittings is later no smoke alarms active and it seems the police are not able to do anything to help me without the say so of the mental health team she's under.... they say she's not a threat or danger to herself so they won't admit her to hospital or section her... she screams constantly and can do whatever she wants and no one can help me.... I've been warned by police I cannot take matters into my own hands or I will be arrested Jesus Christ... please help someone
Shazzie - 16-Apr-19 @ 1:15 PM
Hi I would love some advice about nasty unruly abusive neighbours I live in a terrace so consequently on street parking this individual and her husband haven't realised the concept of that and anyone that parks outside their house gets so much abuse it's disgusting they pick on everyone and constantly harass two elderly ladies the houses are privately owned but I am still sure there just be something as a neighbourhood we can do something the police have been called on numerous occasions but they still continue any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Olly o - 7-Apr-19 @ 8:35 AM
My new neighbors have built a 3 meter fence at the front of there house is there anything I can do to get them to shorten it
Watto - 5-Apr-19 @ 10:20 AM
Had problems with neighbours since they moved in, 4 years now, mostly because she throws her cigarette butts in our garden and comes out to smoke every time if I open the door or gate. Forget trying to hang washing out. I have chronic bronchitis and asthma and smoke badly affects me. They have 4 kids now, a dog and 2 cats which spend more time in our garden out of the way! Recently the parents have been allowing the 2 boys (aged 6 and 3 I think) to kick their balls at our fence, windows and door (over a 4 foot fence which is ours). Most days we have 4 balls over, which from watching is deliberate not accidental, then from this weekend we started to get empty juice bottles, toys, paper, pencils and pieces of fencing (theirs). One day they had a visiting girl and the kids climbing our fence to look in our garden. Today we had 9 balls along with all the other stuff. He came to the fence and looked over. She then came round (1st time), to ask for them back, an apology - !!- 1st time again. We normally throw them back when we are ready to, not immediately, as we feel that it would be just a game to them if we did. We have ornaments near the door and pots further over and do not want them further damaged (cats have knocked them over),and cannot go out at all as they are out there most of the time, parents smoking in turn, he is not working at the moment, off sick for 3 months, then after school, the kids are being a nuisance. I refused to answer the door and got my husband to deal with them, as I would have lost it. I am going to contact Citizens Advice Bureau to see what can be done. The kids have been throwing stones over the fence the other side or through a hole they have managed to create, which then aggravates their neighbours dog. In the past he has been up early for work, lets their yappy dog out at 5.30am but does nothing to stop it! She has managed to alienate most people around here due to her tantrums over parking; she feels the road is hers!! We are also not allowed to have workmen here (e.g. new window), and has told them they cannot park in the road! We understand that people are not allowed to stack things against a neighbours fence, we have had a large pile of earth and stones half way up the fence, paddling pool wedged underneath our fence, in fact the feet were in our garden, other assorted rubbish piled up leaning on our fence, so much so it is now becoming loose. Sorry about length, I feel that we have grounds for complaint and would like to get some enjoyment of our property.
CathyB - 1-Apr-19 @ 7:00 PM
I recently brought a house with my partner of 7 years, we have been living happily for a year and half, when a neighbour (2 doors down) approached me. I was carrying my youngest child of 3yrs over my shoulder and had my other 2kids with me (9&11). He shouted across to me 'I want a word with you' so I stopped to listen, he then began to point his finger in my face whilst telling me he has been told I have a problem with his works van and somebody has taken a hammer to it and he's been told it was me.I placed my son down and found myself in a volatile position, he never touched me but got very loud and as such I found myself shouting back. I was really quite shocked and shaken by the whole thing, I'm not usually the kind of person that's stands and shouts in public, but actually felt as though I was being attacked. I decided to walk away, at which point he started saying he has cctv and will check it and call the police about us. I know he won't find anything as we keep ourselves to ourselves and haven't layed a finger on his work van. Can I do anything about this as I'm really quite shaken about the whole thing. Thanks in advance, kezza
Kezza - 20-Mar-19 @ 4:43 PM
I’ve lived in my council house for 18 yrs.On the right side lives an elderly lady .. never married with one son ... I’ve grown up in this village and basically know most people ( I grew up with her son ) . I live here with my two sons now 19 and 13 . My youngest has autism... Anyway we got on great ( exchanged Xmas gifts etc ) .. not housing invites but would pass the time of day .. our front gardens are open ( no fences) mine stoned hers grass ... anyway I’ve got several cats and was feeding a stray which ended up moving into my porch as it wouldn’t return to its home ... ??... her dog is a springer spaniel that would chase the cats if they ran ( across my garden) and there’s a rd above ... I would grit my teeth and try to ignore as a lot of the time my cats wouldn’t run as they got use to the idea the dog would ignoreif they didn’t run ...the stray cat was afraid of her dog and each time when she returned from the walk she would allow her dog to go to my porch and sniff out the cat home I had made .. which would upset the cat ..... I tried hinting to her but it didn’t stop ... so one day whilst at my kitchen window her dog did it again and my temper got the better of me and I went out and said to her can she keep her dog off my garden or do I need to put a fence up !!!..... omg ... what happened next will haunt me!... she puffed up screamed penny penny( the dog) come here ... the dog went up my steps she marched across the garden ..was bright red in the face still shouting at the dog ..caught up with her and kicked her so hard the dog cried .. proceeded to go down her steps so angry and red ..said sorry and went in ... so two days later there was a knock at the door .. she apologised .. said she’d just lost a friend ... but she has to put up with my cats pooing on her garden which I except it could be them ( there are lots of others around ) but fine ... kinda hugged .. I apologised as I did say it in an angry way .... parted company ... phew that’s done with !...... a week later when I went to bring in my bin from outside my back gate her dog came towards me ... she screamed at the dog to come back as she ( the dog) is not going to get her in trouble again !!!!....I went back indoors thinking what’s happened now !... it was nothing to do with the dog it was her allowing the dog across the garden anyway!.... so I went around and seen her and asked what that was all about????... I thought we were sorted?!... but no apparently I was throwing food on my garden to encourage her dog on there!!!!!... omg what????.... im feeding the stray cat .. and why would I do such a stupid thing???....what would be the purpose???.... you’ll encourage rats ... by this time I’m rather pissed off ... so I said it’s my garden to do what I want she then proceeded to hold her head screamthen stop scream then stopfor a few minutes!??.... I said you need help ( never seen anything like it in my life) ... nutter is what I thought ...and walked off .... the weekend aft
Bernie - 7-Nov-18 @ 9:17 PM
Hi I’m lived in my council property for 25 years never ever had prob with my neighbours they have never herd noise from us unfortunately they moved out after being my neighbour for 14 years very sad to see them go.i had a stuck up single mother buy the flat next door she been there about 2 years summate like that and ever since she moved in we have had letter of invoromentale health bout our dogs barking constants when we go out we all work I’m afraid my dogs don’t bark constantly only when people come to our door iv put things in place to try and stop this she has an app on her phone that records ya andnit gos straight throw to council in getting very upset that I can’t do anything in my own housewhat can I do
Maz - 2-Nov-18 @ 5:37 PM
My neighbours encourages her children, aged 7 and 8, to play in the street every single day for a few hours, totally unsupervised. These children spend hours screaming, shooting their ball at front doors, bins, walls, very often the noise they make is so loud that I cannot concentrate or work. We have talked to her and express to her our feelings, explaining that we work from home and that this noise is unbearable - we live near one of the largest parks in London but instead of taking her kids there, she locks herself at home and makes the children be on the street and they behave in a very very unreasonable way. Yesterday we complained, and she came over shouted aggressively at us, she shouted at us that we better move house if we dont like it, and she said many awful things. What can we do? Please do help us.
Mac - 25-Oct-18 @ 9:38 PM
I look after a lady with MS and is wheelchair bound. She has mobility vehicle on drive with just enough space to walk around,bin collections, etc. A drop on LG’s to front garden. When lm not there, agency carerscover.They park on road in front of her vehicle but sometimes overlap to next doors drive. Over weekend he was banging on front door and verbally abusive to the girls. When l arrived following day, he had erected a fence within 18” of her car, leaving no space to get bins or lawnmower (she has a gardener) through. She also has ambulances on a regular basis. There is no room to get stretcher through. Another neighbour tackled him about this but he refuses to take the fence down. Other than tear up her small front garden and widen her drive on other side, is there anything we can do.
LGW - 25-Sep-18 @ 1:08 AM
I have a granddaughter who has three young children who is suffering from anti social behaviour at the moment as well as affecting her, the children are also suffering sleep deprivation so it is affecting their schooling she has gone through the guild lines as recommended, but it is a waste of energy as the person who is ruining their lives is winning. So much for being a good citizen
Jenny - 22-Sep-18 @ 6:55 PM
What's the point of a comment? Half these poor people have been ignored... You are as bad as the shoddy system that allows this to continue...
Dab - 29-Aug-18 @ 8:31 AM
We live in a 17th century listed cottage that me and my partner have been renovating and repairing for the past yearand a half - we own a cobbled courtyard tot he front of the property which the next door neighbour was allowed by the previous owner to park there occasionally. We applied to the council for planning permission to fence off our land and ever since our neighbour has been horrible. He has verbally abused my wife - getting up in her face and shouting vile things to her. He parks his van infant of the other side of our house as opposed to ours and has erected a 6 foot bright blue fence (only painted on our side) right along the boundary of our land. We have been nothing but amicable throughout the entire process. Every day we are concerned he will have erected something else in his campaign to bully us.
gategate - 20-Aug-18 @ 3:45 PM
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